Saturday, September 7, 2013

DXX-Rebirth v0.58.1 Released!

  • Several fixes and improvements for Multiplayer – especially Coop savestates
  • Sensitivity/Ramping sliders for keyboard input
  • More efficient postional data for Multiplayer, making ship positions more accurate and require less traffic (Thanks to v66r)
  • New file extension for AddOns (.dxa)
  • Key combination ALT+ENTER will not work ingame anymore to not interrupt player input
  • Command-line option to disable mouse cursor without disabling the mouse altogether
  • Support for Raspberry Pi by derhass
  • HUD style “no HUD”
  • Fixes for lighting code which wasn’t updating correctly all the time
  • Improvement for transparency effects that won’t make certain sprites disappear in front of bright surfaces
  • Support for hmp tempo setting (Thanks to Yarn)
  • Improvements and fixes for Shareware/Demo data
  • Improvements for firing mechanism, keeping fire rate accurate at all FPS
  • More fixes and improvements

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