Saturday, September 7, 2013

Descent Champions Ladder

Ladder is back! D1 is required. D2/D3 are optional. Matches go to 20 and must be decisive (win by 2).

It features achievements, streaks, and rivalries. There were 14 matches recorded in one day already. Go sign up and see if you still got it.

DXX-Rebirth v0.58.1 Released!

  • Several fixes and improvements for Multiplayer – especially Coop savestates
  • Sensitivity/Ramping sliders for keyboard input
  • More efficient postional data for Multiplayer, making ship positions more accurate and require less traffic (Thanks to v66r)
  • New file extension for AddOns (.dxa)
  • Key combination ALT+ENTER will not work ingame anymore to not interrupt player input
  • Command-line option to disable mouse cursor without disabling the mouse altogether
  • Support for Raspberry Pi by derhass
  • HUD style “no HUD”
  • Fixes for lighting code which wasn’t updating correctly all the time
  • Improvement for transparency effects that won’t make certain sprites disappear in front of bright surfaces
  • Support for hmp tempo setting (Thanks to Yarn)
  • Improvements and fixes for Shareware/Demo data
  • Improvements for firing mechanism, keeping fire rate accurate at all FPS
  • More fixes and improvements

Interplay Still Kickin'

With its first post in almost a year, Interplay announces Prehistorik Man has been released for iOS.