Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Added Linux Support to Game Tracker

Added Linux support for D1X/D2X-Rebirth and D3 on the tracker! You no longer need to write down IP and port Info to type in the menu in game. It's auto-populated for you!

Stickman's Linux Guide

Added Stickman's D3 Linux Guide

Descent Gaming Memories

Articles are still being written about Descent!  It's all nostalgia but hey, we'll take it! Check it out at atomic . Another good find by Duper!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tracker Gets D1X/D2X-Rebirth Support

We've added D1 and D2 Rebirth support to the tracker! Also check out the D1 and D2 Multiplayer Quick Start Guides.

Volition Documentary

Check this out! A new documentary on the guys who brought you Descent I and II over 15 years ago. The Secret History of Volition.

Descent Retirement Home Joins Leaderboards Project

Descent Retirement Home, a reliable D3 server hosting Veins, Subway Dancer, and others is now participating in the Leaderboards project. Woo hoo!

D2X-XL Game Tracker Support

Game tracker now supports D2X-XL (a D2 port). We're bringing old-school back! Click "Game Tracker" up top.

Descent Valhalla Forums

We now have forums (thanks to the DBB). Click the "Forums" link at the top of the site.

Army of Haloon: The Prototype

Several designers collaborated and developed a new single player mission called Army of Haloon: The Prototype. Check it out to get your single player fix!

Multiplayer Game Tracker

Released a D3 multiplayer game browser. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Web IRC Chat

Web chat is now available! And it hooks into existing popular IRC channels. No need for a clunky IRC client anymore. Sweet!

We're smartphone-friendly!

The site is now smartphone-friendly! Go ahead, bookmark the game browser on your mobile phone. Then you can easily check when your friends are playing. It's best viewed in horizontal orientation but it should work well enough in vertical as well.